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By paying close attention to detail and by treating you, the client, as an individual, we are able to customize the wedding of your dreams. We recognize that this is one of the most important days in your life and we will work with you to fulfill and exceed your expectations.

Sweet 16

We understand that turning sixteen can be a very exciting time both for the birthday girl and her family, but we also know it can be very stressful and demanding. Let one of our professionals take the stress away and make it an unforgettable evening


If your looking for a disco party for your child age 5 to 16, please look at my special children?s party. Over the years I have done many birthday parties for clients ranging from 18 to 90, including many Surprise Parties. If you're having a surprise party consider doing 'This Is Your Life' on your victim! Using this as a theme for a surprise party can be great fun, especially when you manage to trace old friends not seen for many years/decades.


Our package includes our full Professional Sound and Disco Lighting, we can also supply Smoke
* Fun Party Games
* Great Party Dances
* Quizzes
Whatever size of your party 20 children in a church hall to 100 pupil school disco we can help. can provide a top quality disco and entertainment whatever your individual requirements. At very competitive rates.

Corporate Parties

can be a lot of fun! With today's economy in the NY area lagging, and job security uncertain, a company picnic or dinner party can be just the thing to reward the employees and relieve a bit of stress.

Christmas Parties

The Holiday Season books up fast. After all, there are only so many Fridays and Saturdays before Christmas.....the good halls are taken and so are the quality DJs. Don't be left out. Call me and we'll discuss your party and lock in the date. All kinds of music for all kinds of holiday fun!


Is your graduating class getting together again? I can provide the music and the fun as well as work with your committee to create a memorable evening. If you have trivia questions about the old school and the like, I can interact with them to allow the memories to flow smoothly.